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5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys For Kids

5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys For Kids

5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys For Kids

It is a different sensation to run your hands over a well-crafted wooden object. Children seem to touch everything in their sight. But, gone are the days when our child’s room was filled with several toys as they now engage themselves in the latest gadgets. It is time to change this pattern and give your little ones, better things at play. Though you may think wooden toys are old-fashioned, many parents are now choosing to introduce wooden toys to their toddlers. 

Wooden toys are simply timeless and beautiful. There has been a major resurgence of wooden toys because parents want to balance out the gadgets and toys of the digital age. Well-finished wooden toys can replace digital games and other plastic toys. 

So, let us understand why you must choose wooden toys during your munchkin’s growth years.


The toys made from different materials have sharp edges, and the tiny parts of such toys? They break easily! And it is no news that toddlers have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. That’s their way of exploring anything and everything that comes into their hands. Thus, plastic toys aren’t safe for your little kiddies. 

I read about the effects of wood on kids. Wooden toys benefit our children in multiple ways. I realised that well-crafted wooden toys are much safer for my toddler. Wood is a natural material and being connected to nature improves children’s mental, emotional and physical well being. Children who play with wooden toys can concentrate better and their rate of learning increases. 


You may come across wooden toys that have been passed from one generation to another. Children throw their toys, bash them and store them in places where they can break. Plastic toys can easily get damaged, but it is undeniable that wood is a strong material that can endure rough treatment. I remember playing with a wooden doll house that my mother gave to me, saying that it was hers when she was a kid. Though it had a few scuffs and scratches, it was intact and beautiful. 

Giving a wooden toy in my toddler’s hand ensures that he is playing with something safe. I do not have to worry about him damaging the toys and treating them roughly. With other toys like plastic cars and games, I had to buy a new one every time he damaged any of those. But, now I can give him toys that are soothing, calming, and yet fun to play with. 



Enhances the Ability to Imagine


Modern toys have whistles, bells, noises, and more to them, but often simplicity is what you might be looking for. Wooden toys enhance a child’s ability to imagine. When you give a simple wooden toy to your children they can explore, be creative and bring out their imagination to make that toy a fun piece for them to play with. Wooden blocks, puzzles, games, and much more are now available in the market. 



Environmentally Sound


Wooden toys, at Wufiy, are crafted from certified wood and are sustainably sourced. Also, they are eco-friendly because of their organic and renewable substances. The paints used to make these toys more appealing is chemical-free.



Educational Quality


Wooden toys promote certain educational qualities that enhance the learning ability of a child. Various wooden toys help children to understand shapes, sizes, textures, colours, and more. Kids also gain decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and understand situations better when they play with wooden toys. 

At Wufiy, we offer a range of pretend-play wooden toys like a kitchen set, doll house, toolkit, and more. We also offer educational wooden toys such as wooden lacing toys, puzzles, stacking toys, wooden blocks, and so on. Visit our e-store and give your bundle of joy the best of nature!