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5 Toys that Can Boost Language Development in Babies

5 Toys that Can Boost Language Development in Babies

5 Toys that Can Boost Language Development in Babies

Parents are delighted to see the progress that their growing infant makes each day. The feeling of seeing your baby take one step at a time is something one cannot describe in words. Witnessing their first moments is one of the exciting things for parents.


Crawling, sitting, walking, and talking are some of the first actions of the baby that parents do not want to miss! Witnessing their baby’s struggle and seeing how they learn is always like a dream come true. After 12 months, babies might start speaking a few words as parents try to teach them. Yes, of course, “mama” or ‘papa” would likely be their first words.


Once they have started uttering their initial words, parents intend to teach them more with the help of their home and surroundings. Toys and games can be a playful way of teaching the young ones more words and adding quality learning to their limited vocabulary. Want to know more about kids’ learning toys and their role in the development of babies’ speaking and languages?


Let us see what toys can help toddlers to speak and how it impacts their oral skills.


Rainbow Wooden Stacking 

I gave toys like teethers and rattles to my son when he was 5 months old. Later, I started upgrading his toy and bought a rainbow stacking toy when he was 11 months old. His oral skills developed slowly with time. He did call out to me saying “mum” one of the first things he learned, like most kids. But, I think the words he learned after that were colours. He loved the wooden stacking toy I bought for him. I called out the names of colours for him. Gradually, he could identify a few colours and the toy kept him engaged.


Building Blocks 

I know you’re wondering how building blocks help to develop oral skills in your little one. Blocks are one of the first kids’ learning toys. But, I observed that once my son knew about colours, he started taking an interest in colourful blocks as well. He started building things like a car, house, and building out of those blocks as I helped him. He was using these terms when he started playing with blocks. I also tried to teach him about the different shapes with the help of blocks. This toy allows your baby to be imaginative, develop eye coordination, and learn early math concepts.


Chunky Puzzles for Learning 

After your baby is two years old, you can add puzzles to their playtime. It is one of the best toys for kids to develop their language skills. At this age, you can start focusing on a few developmental toys for babies. I bought many puzzles which included a collection of animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, letters, and numbers. Ensure that these puzzles are not made of plastic or cardboard. I came across wooden chunky puzzles by Wufiy online. They offer puzzles made with the best wooden material and chemical-free paint. I could choose from a collection of different educational puzzles for my son. 


Kitchen or Cooking Play Set

3-year-olds may start engaging in pretend play actively as they start observing adults doing many activities around them. Since you cannot let them fix things, clean in the house, cook food or just organise things at home, pretend play sets are a great option for them to practice these activities with toys. You can also provide toys that develop motor skills in your child. At this age, make sure they are also playing outdoor games for healthy physical development. 

When I searched for different play sets for kids, I was surprised to know that there were so many options of pretend play sets. The kitchen set, tea pot set, toaster pop-up set, workbench toolkit, vegetable cutting set, and many more were available online. It was as if a whole new world of toys opened up to me. You must introduce pretend play to your child after he or she is 3 years old. With play sets, children learn to identify things and objects they see in daily life. 


Doll House and Farm House Set 

These were my favourite while growing up. I loved playing with dolls and doll houses. I had a set of plastic animals and a farm house too. But, I realise that it isn’t the best material for the environment or my little one. With doll house and farmhouse sets, kids interact with each other, they even speak to dolls and toy characters at times. This helps to develop their communication skills and add more words to their vocabulary. Kids start socialising with other children of their age.


One of the best gifts you can give your baby is your time and attention. I believe that without our support and encouragement our children may not be motivated enough to learn new things. Appreciating their little achievements gives them immense joy and a push to do better.


You can provide all the best toys you can give them but you must spend time playing, talking, reading, and learning with them. Our online store, Wufiy, crafts the best developmental toys for babies, that are not just interesting for the children but also help parents to be involved in the little one’s playtime. Along with games and toys that your child will love, ensure that you also give them your undivided attention.