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6 Exciting Kids’ Playsets in 2022

6 Exciting Kids’ Playsets in 2022

6 Exciting Kids’ Playsets in 2022


Do you remember the first playset your parents bought for you? We think it might be a teapot set, a kitchen playset, a doll house, or maybe a doctor-doctor playset! And, we bet you loved them all. Playing with the toy set and interacting with other kids of your age would have been a fun time for you. 

Now as parents, you know that kids learn well during their playtime, and pretend play sets can significantly help to develop various skills. Today, you will find different kids learning toys that are created especially for children to learn, grow, and develop skills while playing. 

Modern playsets are made to go with the likes of today’s young ones. There are some new exciting playsets that you will come across in 2022. We, at Wufiy, curate pretend play sets with pure and safe material that are loved by the new generation and made to cater to their needs of playtime and fun.

Here’s a list of kids’ playsets you can bring home for your kids in 2022. 

Vegetable and Fruits Cutting Playset 

chop chop sets

Here’s an interesting kid learning toys set. This play set will encourage the chef inside your little one and help them learn a bit about cutting fruits and vegetables. At Wufiy, we offer different vegetable and fruit cutting play sets. It includes miniatures of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. These kids learning toys are made with 100% wood, have no sharp edges, and have child-safe paint on them. If your munchkins are curious about cooking, then get these amazing pretend play sets to settle their curiosity.

Bow in The Sky - Rainbow Colour Sorter

rainbow colour sorter

My 5-years-old son loves to solve simple puzzles, and arrange things according to shape or colour. I believe such pretend play sets not only make him learn about shapes and colours but also help him to know the importance of organising things. The semi-circle board comes with small pom-pom balls which can be arranged in slots as per their matching colours. This playset comes with tongs that help your child to develop fine motor skills and enhance their grip on objects. 

Kitchen Pretend Playset 

Kitchen Set

Even though this one is a classic playset of all time, I think kids must have fun with it and learn through it. Both boys and girls can enjoy their playtime with Wufiy’s kids wooden kitchen playset. It comes with a guide that makes it easy for you to install all the tiny miniatures of kitchen appliances. Such pretend play sets help your children develop manual dexterity, social skills, think creatively, and communicate better. And, I bet they will love these kids wooden kitchen pretend play sets by Wufiy. 

Doctor-Doctor Playset 

I too have been a part of doctor-doctor pretend play in my childhood. Today, as a parent I understand how it helps children to learn the basics of health care, medical treatment, and a lot more. My daughter was delighted to see a wooden doctor-doctor pretend play set. She excitedly showed it to her friends and then they were all engrossed with it! I have observed that she is now slowly being comfortable at her doctor appointments. It has made it easier for her to be familiar with the environment of a clinic. 

Our environmentally safe pretend play set comes with toys such as a thermometer, stethoscope, pretend syringe, BP machine, and a lot more. I think it is indeed one of the best kids learning toys that you can bring home for your children this year. 

Big Rocker T

Here’s a multi-purpose toy that is sure to get your child excited. Kids can use it as a rocker, flip it to make a mountain, make it a small cave, make it a boat, or even a mini-store. The rocker has a blackboard on one side which lets your little one write and scribble. The soft pastel colours, smooth texture, chemical-free paint, and durable wooden material makes Wufiy’s Big Rocker T, safe and fun for your kids. 

Wooden House Shape Sorter Activity Box 

This unique playset lets your cute munchkins understand the concept of object permanence. It helps the little ones to overcome the anxiety of objects or people disappearing when it moves away from their sight. This activity box is in the shape of a house and has holes in different shapes like circle, semi-circle, oval, rectangle, heart, moon, star, cloud, etc. My son has learned to name these shapes and colours with the help of this activity box. This amazing Montessori toy also encourages hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and fine motor skills.

At our online store Wufiy, we offer a wide range of kids learning toys and pretend play sets made to satisfy the curiosity of your children. Our aim is to promote eco-friendly, organic toys that are not just safe for your little ones but also best for the environment. These toys include unique playsets that are made to grab the attention of today’s generation. I have observed that my children stay away from screens for long hours because they have an interesting set of kids learning toys and playsets at home. 


To let your child grow and learn during playtime, bring home some of Wufiy’s best pretend play sets today!