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6 Reasons Why Kids Need Fine Motor Skill Toys

6 Reasons Why Kids Need Fine Motor Skill Toys

6 Reasons Why Kids Need Fine Motor Skill Toys

One of the most special moments in a parent's life would be the first time their newborn baby holds their finger in his or her hand! As parents, we can never forget that feeling. That is also the exact moment when your little one begins to learn about his or her abilities. In later stages you see them tumble, move their hands and legs, eat, drink, play with toys, walk, and so much more. And God,  these tiny humans look incredibly adorable while discovering their own abilities. 

Babies start developing motor skills from the time they are born. When a newborn baby catches your finger, he or she uses the muscles of the finger, forearm, and hands. And it is a no brainer that motor skills development is an essential part of a child’s growth.

Here are six major reasons why children need fine motor skills in life.

It Helps Kids To Perform Crucial Tasks 

Motor skills are imperative for a lifetime. A child needs to learn how to manipulate objects. I remember handing over a small toy to my baby and he did not grasp it in his hand properly in the first few attempts. However, he later figured out how to hold the toy in his hand and not let it slip away.

As adults, maybe we are pretty ignorant about learning, but toddlers are constantly acquiring skills from objects around them. Kids have to develop motor skills in order to perform tasks like zipping a jacket, turning book pages, or buttoning a shirt. Therefore, a child must have the ability to control things on his own.

Children Understand Their Bodies 

Children learn to move their body parts! We might think that movement came to us naturally, but it was something we had to learn as a toddler. Babies learn slowly about their own bodies.

And as they grow, we teach them to walk, run, ride a cycle, or even dance. Their brain learns about body movements and develops as they discover more about their body’s strength.

Brain Development 

Motor skills are not just about the physical development of a child, they are directly related to their brain development. We all know that our brain commands every action we take, therefore, even physical movements depend on our brain. While growing up, toddlers get the multisensory experience that combines touch and sight. Their reflex actions improve with brain development.

Helps Kids Draw, Colour, and Write

Writing and drawing are one of the most important skills that children learn while growing up. When my son started going to a play school, he was given a small slate and a chalk pen for scribbling, writing, and drawing. The teacher taught him how to hold a pencil and write.

He eventually learned after practice. That was the time I understood how motor skills play a huge role here. Holding an object, knowing how to twist or turn the pencil to write or draw, it all requires motor skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Driving a car, sewing clothes, eating food, or drinking from a cup, all require hand-eye coordination. This skill starts developing from childhood. Babies are continuously learning to build coordination between their eyes and hands. Wufiy’s Mini Wooden Tool Kit can help your children improve such essential skills of life. Such toys can get your child engrossed in discovering new things instead of investing their time in gadgets that do not contribute to their growth.

It Helps To Build Self-Esteem 

When kids become aware of their abilities, it boosts their confidence. Every time my son successfully builds something out of his building blocks, he comes running to me with an adorably happy face just to show his creativity. I have seen him gaining confidence with every new discovery he makes while playing with toys.

Wearing clothes, taking a shower, combing their hair, brushing teeth, etc. are the manners we teach them. But all of this requires motor skills. When children do things on their own, it helps them build their self-esteem.

As parents, we witness every small struggle our children go through while learning a skill. Toys and games play a crucial role in motor skills development. While buying games and toys for my baby, I wanted to be sure that those toys helped in his brain development and polished his motor skills. 

At Wufiy, we understand your safety concerns, especially for your loved ones. Thus, we strive to design and curate toys that are made from the best quality wood. We manufacture toys in India that are 100% organic for your little humans to explore and learn. Children are learning continuously. Offering a little support with the right toys can accelerate their growth. Checkout our range of wooden toys for toddlers that foster personal development.