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7 Things To Consider While Buying A Toy For Your Child

7 Things To Consider While Buying A Toy For Your Child

7 Things To Consider While Buying A Toy For Your Child

Remember the time when you walked the aisle of toys with your mother when you were a child? Ahh, indeed the good old days! Sometimes your mom might have bought the toys you asked for, but sometimes she may have said a harsh no to you.


We’ve all gone through this phase and today as adults we see our little ones being all stubborn about their demands. Yes, now we all understand that our mom was just ensuring to give us good toys and games.


The flashy toys may be attractive to your children, but they’re of no use when it comes to the creativity, learning, and growth of your child. Surround your little angels with toys and games that benefit their physical and mental growth. It is necessary to choose their toys wisely.


Here’s what you must keep in mind while buying toys for your children.


The Durability Factor 

Let’s face it, toys manufactured today are expensive. So, I always think of its durability because I do not want to buy toys more often. To avoid that, I ensure to buy toys that are well built and durable for long-term use. Pay attention to the way a toy is crafted and its material. I still have a few toys from my childhood but most of them are damaged and worn out. Though you may not realise it now, a few favourite toys of your children will become one of their prized possessions in the future! 


Safety of Your Child

This is one of the most important concerns while buying a toy. Ensure that it does not have tiny objects because babies tend to put things in their mouths especially when they are teething. Also, when you are choosing a teether, it should have no pain on it and it must be made with organic material. The toys and games should not have sharp edges and should be furnished well. A lot of plastic kitchen sets, doll houses, and other games come with tiny pieces. I do not want to constantly keep an eye on my children while they are playing. Therefore, I avoid such toys for their safety.


It Must Encourage Creative Thinking 

I remember the first time I handed one of the simple organic toys to my daughter. It was a wooden stacking toy, and she did not like it much. But, once I started playing with her and taking interest in the toy, she was curious. Later, she learned how to balance the objects one on another. It kept her engaged for a long while. The mass-produced toys come with electric lights, sounds, and flashy colours. These types of toys are not helping your child think and imagine during playtime. I suggest you give them simple toys that encourage them to be imaginative and creative.


Potential of Learning from The Toy 

We all want our children to learn while they play. It requires fine motor skill toys and educational toys that can help in developing their mental and physical skills. If your baby is above one year, you can buy educational games and toys. Also, we do not want children to just sit in one place, you can bring in rope ladders which help to develop their motor skills. Choose toys that help your baby to learn about colours, objects in our surroundings, letters, numbers, food, flowers, animals, etc. So, buy toys like kids’ crossword puzzles, shape sorter box, number and letters’ puzzles, building blocks, etc. that help children to socialise, identify objects, develop imperative skills.


A Toy Can Have Multiple Benefits 

While buying any toy you must have a good enough motive or reason. You must think of ways that the toy will be helping your child’s overall growth. I came across educational Montessori wooden toys by Wufiy. Just one touch and I knew I had found something valuable here! The soothing wooden material helps to calm the babies. Every toy crafted and offered by Wufiy has more than one benefit. Children can learn, develop motor skills, be imaginative and develop social skills with these organic toys.


Choose The Right Toys for Your Child’s Age 

This is obvious, but sometimes we may fail to know if a toy or a game is really apt for our children’s age. My 4-year-old daughter struggled to solve a puzzle game she was gifted by her aunt. I realised that the complex puzzle game wasn’t meant for her age. Most of the toy’s packaging mentions the age for which the toy is appropriate. Ensure that the toys you buy are meant for your child’s age.


Do you have more plastic and silicone toys in your baby’s room? Do you frequently have to spend on buying toys because the previous ones did not last longer? It’s time you pay attention to the material of toys you are buying for your children. I bought many plastic toys initially but later realised that it isn’t an eco-friendly material. So, I thought of buying better things for my daughter keeping in mind the sustainability of her toys.  


At Wufiy, we understand how you want to provide the best for your children, may it be clothing, food, or toys! The Montessori wooden toys made with soothing material have great benefits for little minds. The chemical-free paint and the best quality of wood are used in crafting organic toys and games for children. Also, we have a collection of toys that caters to new born babies and also to kids above the age of ten. Explore the range and you are sure to find the best toys for your little loved ones.