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7 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Pretend Play

7 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Pretend Play

7 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Pretend Play

Children take interest in various games and toys while they grow up. The wobbly toys wouldn't be amusing for a 2-year-old baby and the complex puzzle isn’t something a 3-year-old baby would be able to solve. Kids enjoy games they can play as well as understand.


Children above 3 years of age begin to enact you, a family member, or a cartoon character that they love. That’s when they start enjoying the pretend play games or activities. Your little one may want to dress up as a cop, host a tea party, or check your heartbeats with a toy stethoscope! You’ll love how they get creative with their thoughts.


To encourage their imagination, you can introduce them to pretend play sets. Yes, pretend play toys benefit children in many ways. Since they try to copy their elders, along with fostering creativity and imagination, it also helps them mould their soft skills. Here’s how you can encourage pretend play in different ways.


Playing Dress Up 

Start simple when your baby is just about 3 years old. One of the ways to encourage dress up plays is to let them choose an outfit that is related to a profession. For example, when my son had to participate in a dressing competition I suggested he dress like a pilot. Since that day, he has been curious about what pilots do, and how to become one! Let your child explore such professional attires and uniforms with the help of pretend play activities at home.


Build A Fortress

Oh, this was my favourite when I was a kid! Building a fun fortress with my siblings is one of the best memories of my childhood. I encourage my kids to do the same and join them in this playful activity. Make a fortress with blankets, pillows, towels, sticks, cardboard, etc. It is like having a mini size doll house in real life. My daughter brings her stuffed toys and pretends to host dinner parties, cook, and sometimes even read stories to the toys! I believe children learn to communicate and organise when they engage in pretend plays. If your baby does not have a friend or a sibling around, ensure to be their companion on exploring this little castle and be their guests! I am sure they’ll absolutely love it. 


Ignite Their Interest in Puppet Plays or Doll Plays 

I have watched multiple puppet shows as a child. Today’s kids may not come across this art of storytelling. So, I decided to introduce them to puppets and help them understand and enjoy stories through this entertaining format as well. I would suggest you include dolls or other stuffed toys in case you don’t have puppets at home. Another solution would be to make them out of socks! Simple and fun, isn’t it?


Encouraging Activities That Involve Cooking and Cleaning 

From operating a laptop to fixing a machine, kids like to act like grownups. For safety reasons we do not let them indulge in these activities, but we can always bring in toys and pretend play sets.

We, at Wufiy, offer a wide range of pretend play sets made with high-quality wooden material. The quality wood is soothing for babies and the non-toxic paint makes it a fully organic pretend play set for them. 


Let Children Play Alone, With You, and With Friends

Yes, it is a great thing if your baby has a friend around his or her age. And, in case they do not have someone of their age, you can interact and play with them. My son and I have spent a lot of time together when he was 3 years old. In fact, since there were no toddlers in our neighbourhood at that time, my family ensured to be his friend. I would also recommend you to let your children play alone at times. Pretend play can include multiple toys and it is their imagination which designs their play time activities.


Ask Them to Imagine Handling Events by Being a Host 

Remember hosting tea parties with the pretend play teapot set? Oh, I miss doing that! That’s when I learned that I loved being a host. Ask your children to imagine different events and think of how they would handle things if they were the host. Sounds interesting, right? I bet you’ll love to see your cutie pie host a birthday party, Christmas dinner party, a tea party, or just a small competition for their friends.


Bring Home Some Unique Play Sets for Your Child 

Along with the obvious pretend play sets like a doll house, kitchen set, teapot set, etc. We, at Wufiy, offer uniquely designed toys too. Go beyond the conventional pretend play activities and think of more ideas, events, and situations that can be turned true for your children. For example, I encouraged my babies to pretend as students and teachers so that they can experience a classroom environment. I keep thinking about more such scenarios that can help them improve their communication skills.  


We, at Wufiy, are all about innovation and new ideas for little kiddies! Check out our range of wooden toys that can transform your baby’s boring playtime into an adventurous indulgence!