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A Guide For You To Choose Toys for Toddlers

A Guide For You To Choose Toys for Toddlers

A Guide For You To Choose Toys for Toddlers

You pass by a toy store at the mall and your kid’s attention is diverted to a flashy toy at the store. But, you know that toy isn’t worth its price since it's not helpful for his growth and learning. So, you decide to not buy it.

As parents, we understand what is best for our munchkins. We do not want them to play with poor quality toys that are mass produced to lure children. But, do you have a clear picture in your mind of what types of toys do you really want for your baby? If not, continue reading. This article will help you understand which toy is the best for your little human.

Choose Toys for Your Toddler’s Age 

You can look for the age range of the toys mentioned on their packaging. It helps you understand if the toy will be suitable for your child or not. But, always take the interest of your child into consideration. Building blocks, pretend play sets, and small puzzles, are some of the most amazing toys that will grab the attention of growing kids. But, of course, a 1-year-old baby won't be able to grasp the usefulness of these toys. Be careful in your choices and know the abilities of your children to choose the right toys for their age. 

I have mostly bought toys that my daughter would like to have. She loves solving puzzles, colouring books, and doll houses. These playthings are suitable for a 3-year-old and so it is ideal for my daughter. When she was 6 months old, I bought home a neem wood teether for her, it helped to ease the pain when she was in her teething phase. And now that she is very active in her playtime, I have also bought home a rope ladder that can help her physical growth. 

Buy Toys That Are Environment Friendly 

Plastic is a large contributor of waste in our environment. It isn’t sustainable or degradable, so today we see that manufacturers and consumers are moving towards better alternatives to avoid plastic. But, with toys, this development has been slower and I do not want to contribute to the pollution or waste that plastic things cause.

Thus, our brand—Wufiy—aims to offer a range of environment-friendly toys to you and your tiny tots. These toys are made with ethically sourced wood, which has a soothing effect on children. Your toddlers are bound to feel closer to nature and embrace simple beauty with our pure wooden toys. 

Avoid Toys That Do Not Encourage Good Values 

Since my little girl is still a child, I get to decide what is right and wrong for her. So, when it comes to teaching her values, I ensure that the toys induce good values into my little angel. Mass-produced toys have created miniatures of weapons like swords, knives, and guns. I do not want my daughter to engage in any playtime that includes unsafe objects. You may think that it is just for kids to play with, but I would suggest you think again!

If your child is attracted to plastic toys, teach them why those toys are not good for them or for nature. As we closely monitor what your child watches on television, we must also observe them in their play time. See how they behave with other kids of their age and how they engage with toys while pretend play. It is important to teach the right things during their growing time, it sticks with them.

Educational Toys for Toddlers are a Must 

There are several toys in the market but not all of them have the potential to educate your little one. You may want to bring home toys that help your baby to learn. Kids have a small attention span and so if you want them to learn you must do it with the support of games and fun activities.

Our educational toys at Wufiy, are developed to offer general knowledge to kids. The chunky alphabets, numbers, and puzzles are a great way to start and initiate a kids’ learning process. The wooden shape sorter, wobbly rainbow stacking toys, and neem wood teethers are meant for children less than a year old.

The Toy Must Be Safe for Children

Toddlers can put things in their mouths while playing with them. I have noticed that kids sometimes do not understand the difference between a toy and food! This is why I emphasise on buying toys that are safe for my baby. Here’s a checklist for ensuring that the toys I buy for my little girl are safe for her.

  • Toys made with fabric should be labelled flame resistant.
  • If a toy has a battery, the battery case must be properly fitted with screws.
  • The paint used on toys must be chemical-free.
  • Toys must be crafted with strong and durable materials.
  • Stuffed toys must be washable.
  • The toys and games should not have sharp edges.
  • Toys should not have tiny plastic things and avoid any games that include coins, marbles, or small balls.

We must make conscious choices when we set out to buy toys for our little ones. As much as I want them to have fun in their play time, I also need toys that can help their mental and physical growth. And there are other factors like durability, safety, and values that development toys bring with them. So, think responsibly before you buy any toys or games for your kids.