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Benefits of A Dentist Playset for Kids

Benefits of A Dentist Playset for Kids

Benefits of A Dentist Playset for Kids


Pretend playsets were my favourite playtime things in childhood. Now, years later I see my kids also enjoying a pretend playset as much as I did. Isn’t it amazing to watch them grow up doing the same things which you used to enjoy in your childhood as well? Well, pretend plays are super fun and my kids just love to play with a pretend playset like a kitchen playset or a doctor playset. 

Recently I came across an interesting option in pretend play - a dentist playset. 

Why do Kids Love the Dentist Playset?

Kids are a lot more imaginative than adults. They are in the continuous process of learning and observing the world as they explore everything. With pretend plays, kids try to repeat the actions of the elders they watch every day and come up with a variety of games for themselves.

A dentist pretend playset is a great tool to encourage their creative minds. With the help of life-like dental objects, kids learn everything about oral hygiene and the dental world in a fun way while playing. They can learn some important daily activities like brushing teeth, flossing etc. It allows children to explore their creative minds and sustainability. As adults, we must always motivate children to explore their curiosity.

Kids are super active, imaginative and curious when they are growing up. It’s almost impossible for them to focus on one thing for more than a couple of seconds. In this case, role-playing toys can come to your aid. A little dentist play set can keep your baby engaged for a long time. As much as they have fun playing with it, it’s also an engaging way to teach them about proper oral health care. The little dentist playset from this brand has made my kids delighted. My younger one loves to remove and place back the tooth with forceps. The elder one is always busy writing on the prescription pad, writing medications, treating everyone in our house.

Here are some of the benefits of playing with a dentist playset:

  • First things first, kids will learn about dental hygiene in detail which helps to improve their dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Playing the role of a doctor increases the vocabulary and the communication skill of the baby. As kids follow the actions of a doctor and reflect on them while playing, they will start to have some conversations with the patients or the nurses. This will help kids be more expressive.
  • My kid’s playtime with the dentist playset made them more comfortable for the dentist visits, honestly. At first, they used to be more nervous in the clinic and now they are interested to know more about their dental health from the doctor.
  • They will learn empathy. As doctors are empathetic towards their patients and kids tend to imitate everything an adult does, while pretending to play as a doctor or a patient, they will surely learn how to be empathetic.
  • As per research, the cavity is a common trait for children aged between 2-11 years. Needless to say that maintaining proper oral hygiene from a young age is important to avoid these circumstances. A dentist playset is a perfect hack for all the adults who have trouble teaching kids about oral health care. 
  • Inspire future dentists from a young age. If you ask any kid what they want to become when they grow up, 80% of the time the answer will be, a doctor. Now, of course, not everyone who plays with a doctor set will become a doctor but there is no harm in guiding them towards a good cause, right?
  • Learning the importance of health care and the health care professionals has substantial effects on their overall upbringing. Who is the dentist and what do they do, all these answers can be understood better if the child lives through it in their way with pretend playsets.
  • Having a dentist playset means your baby will be accustomed to basic dental hygiene and procedures. They will know what a syringe or forceps is, how teeth look from the inside, how to brush properly, and what happens if you do not floss or brush your teeth every day. 
  • A dentist playset can be played alone or it can be a group activity. Playing with other children can help them to boost their social and conversational skills. In a group activity, kids learn to deal with tricky situations where everybody does not get what they want. So, learning problem-solving skills and critical thinking are also some of the benefits.

There are so many benefits of playing with a dentist playset. Overall any kind of pretend-play is good for the child’s physical as well as emotional development. Make sure to provide kids with good quality toys as they will be playing with the toys for a long time. Wufiy offers an interesting dentist playset that is made with durable, non-toxic wood and painted with child-safe colours. A conscious decision for the future generation indeed.