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Benefits Of Doctor Play Set for A Child’s Development

Benefits Of Doctor Play Set for A Child’s Development

Benefits Of Doctor Play Set for A Child’s Development

Growing toddlers are hyperactive, imaginative, curious, and even creative. Once they start walking around, interacting with words, and grasping a basic understanding of their environment and the people around them, they start imitating adults. Yes, we all know how cute they look trying to act like adults and imagine themselves in various situations. Aren’t they adorable? 


Kids are imaginative and their curiosity leads them to pretend play or imitate people/things around them. My daughter was 3 years old when she started to act like her grandma by taking a dupatta around her neck. At times I also observed her talking to her dolls and  different situations, trying to act and do things like grown-ups, etc. That’s when I realised it’s time to bring home a new set of toys for her—Pretend play toys. These playsets are meant for children to have some tools and aid so that they can imitate the role of another person. 


What is Doctor Pretend Play Set? 

I have played doctor-doctor when I was a kid, and I assume most of you may have too. A group of kids would play this game, or at least two kids. One acts as a doctor, the other would act as the patient. If there are more kids, they can assume the roles such as being a parent to the patient, the receptionist at the clinic, or being the nurse. Kids assume these roles of adults and act according to what they may have observed or they think is appropriate in the situation. It is as an adult and as a mother, that I now understand how these children doctor games help in a child’s growth.  


Your child may have several toys around him or her, but if you want to encourage more pretend play, giving them pretend playsets would be an excellent idea. Engaging in doctor pretend play needs doctors set toys. The set includes different types of tools and aids that a doctor may need in his or her clinic to treat patients. 


Let us understand in detail how children doctor games and doctor set toys help in their development and overall growth. 


Benefits of Doctor Pretend Play and Doctor Set for Kids 


Child Learns Importance of Health Care 

Wufiy Doctor Set

As your baby engages in children doctor games he or she starts to learn why it is important to take care of our body and why it is necessary to treat any wound or injury. They further learn the importance of health care and understand the crucial role that doctors and healthcare workers play in our lives.


Becomes Familiar with A Few Medical Terms 

Wufiy Doctor Doctor Set

Since I have brought home the doctor set toys for my daughter, she knows what a thermometer or band-aids are. Yes, she is learning quickly. So, I believe children learn these basic terminologies related to doctor’s visits, doctor tools, medicines, and treatment. When my baby girl engages in doctor-doctor pretend play with her friends I see them interacting and discussing which tools are used when, and what are they called. It is a treat to watch the little ones figure out their way with the doctors set toys. 


Social and Emotional Development 

Wufiy Doctor Set

I have observed that my daughter likes to engage in children doctor games and she is getting more comfortable with other kids of her age. So, I believe kids can learn to socialise with other children of their age through any group game or pretend play. Reading social cues, coordinating with a team, feeling empathy for another, making small compromises, and being understanding towards others, help to form an early foundation of your child’s personality. 


By playing another person’s role, kids learn to develop different perspectives and various emotions. They express these emotions and it helps them learn why communicating what they feel is important. Doctor-doctor pretend play thus, helps in the emotional development of your child.  


Cognitive and Thinking Skills 

Wufiy Doctor Set

My baby girl used to always observe the stethoscope when I took her to the doctor. Now, she imitates what she has observed and it feels nice to see my little doctor roaming around with it. When kids are playing together, they face small challenges in their pretend play roles and try to solve them according to their understanding. All this improves their cognitive thinking skills and boosts their imaginative and creative thinking as well.


Helps Children to Be Prepared for Their Doctor’s Appointment 

Wufiy Doctor Set

Yes, a doctor kit for kids can help them to be prepared for their doctor visits. Once a kid starts engaging in doctor pretend play, he or she will feel more comfortable about visiting the doctor for a check-up. It can also help to take away their fear of syringes, medicines, or even the clinic’s environment.


Why Choose Wufiy’s Doctor Play Set for Kids?

I have found many doctor set for kids and most of them were made with non-biodegradable materials like plastic and silicon. I wanted to promote and encourage the use of toys made with sustainable materials. That’s when the idea of establishing a unique toy store came to my mind. Now, at our toy store Wufiy, we curate safe, organic, and aesthetic wooden toys that ignite a child’s healthy growth and development.


Our collection offers a wide range of educational toys that help children play and learn at the same time. Our Wufiy doctor-doctor playset is meant to make your child’s playtime fun and interesting with various doctor tools. All items are painted with child-safe colours and these doctor set toys are made in India. This doctor kit for kids, includes a thermometer, BP machine, pretend syringe, stethoscope, medicine bottle, prescription pad, testing hammer, and a lot more. 


I am sure you would love to give your child a doctor set like this one. Make sure you encourage their pretend playtime and provide the right toys for it. Then, wait to see how cute your little one can act as a doctor!