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Benefits Of Neem Teethers For Babies & Toddlers

Benefits Of Neem Teethers For Babies & Toddlers

Benefits Of Neem Teethers For Babies & Toddlers

There's no sight more pleasing to a parent than seeing their little one looking joyous, contented and comfortable. At the same time, a troubled restless baby can be a cause of immense concern to parents who often find it difficult to decode the reason for their little ones’ discomfort. In the first year of a child's life, parents often find themselves at wits end to calm down their irritable babies and are constantly on the lookout to get any kind of advice to help their child.

In the first 4 to 5 months of a child’s life, babies are usually cranky because of hunger, wet diapers, tiredness, gas, or any kind of illness. However as the child nears around 6 months of age, teething becomes a major reason behind babies being restless. In most babies around the world, teething begins when they turn 6 months of age and the teething phase can go on till 3 years.

In the early stages of teething, a number of parents confuse their child’s teething symptoms with general illness. The teething age coincides with the time when the babies start losing the immunity that they had received from the mother’s placenta and start building their own immunity. Parents often are unable to decipher the symptoms of teething and therefore are unable to ease the child’s discomfort. Moreover, parents often tend to give their babies easily available Teething toys as well as un-prescribed over the counter medications without being aware of the great hazards that these can pose for their little ones.

To help parents deal with their restless little ones, scroll down to find a list of Teething Symptoms and Signs, Tips to sooth babies as well as The Right Teethers for babies. 

Teething Symptoms

Teething symptoms vary from child to child. While some babies get over their teething issues without showing any major signs, there are some babies who show signs of intense discomfort. However, parents can look out for the following broad range of Signs and Symptoms which are typical to a Teething baby.

  • Crankiness
  • Swollen and reddish gums
  • Gnawing and chewing at anything they can get their hands on
  • Rubbing their ear
  • Drooling
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Biting their fists
  • Sometimes slightly raised body temperature

It is often observed that some babies have diarrhea and fever during their teething phase. However, these symptoms have no direct relation with teething and could occur merely as an aftereffect of them putting random objects in their mouths which could in turn lead to infections.

How To Sooth Your Teething Baby

Just as how symptoms and signs of teething may vary in every baby, soothing techniques are also varied and may work or not work depending on every individual child.

However, there are few techniques which work best with most babies. 

Give them a cuddle:

Holding your baby in your arms and cuddling them when they are cranky is the most effective technique to calm them down. Rocking and singing to them when they are discomforted often distracts them and helps to alleviate their crankiness.

Give them something healthy to bite on:

As babies are often looking to bite on hard objects when they are teething, it is a good idea to give them healthy edibles to bite no. Hard breadsticks, carrot sticks and healthy biscuits will help not only to easy your baby’s discomfort, but will also in turn give them nourishment.

A good massage:

Massaging your baby’s gums at the time of their restlessness will not only help to ease their pain, it is also a great way for parents to bond with their little ones. Dip your hands in cold water and gently massage your child’s sore gums. This technique invariably makes them happy and you will see them flashing that irresistible smile in appreciation. Let your baby chew on your finger while talking and singing, to get them distracted from their uneasiness. 

Use the right Teethers:

While there are zillion varieties of Teethers available out there, giving your child the right ones is imperative for parents. As mentioned in the earlier point, giving edibles to your child is a natural form of a Teether which is completely safe for your baby. Another natural and 100% safe Teether option for your child is Wooden Teethers. The best quality Wooden Teethers are available at Wufiy which are ideal and safest option for your baby. The Wooden Teethers available at Wufiy are made with Neem Wood and are designed in such a way that they can be easily handled by babies. As Neem is known to have Anti-Bacterial properties, using these Teethers will also ensure that your little one receives the goodness of Neem.  Moreover, the Wooden Neem Teethers are low in maintenance and do not spoil easily. All you have to do is wash them and dry them and they are good to go for the next use. Wufiy makes these Neem Wood Teethers in different Animal shapes which are quite attractive for babies. 

Why Not Plastic and Silicon Teethers


For years now, plastic Teethers have become a norm with parents as they find it to be the most easily available and pocket friendly option. However, what most parents aren’t aware about is the fact that these plastic Teethers, like many other plastic toys, are often made with highly toxic recycled plastic. When a little baby chews on such toxic material for a prolonged period of time, the chemicals present in it can lead to hormonal imbalances in the adult age. Moreover, cheap quality plastic Teethers can often chip off and can hurt the delicate insides of your baby’s mouth.   As the world is slowly but surely turning environmentally aware and distancing themselves from plastic products, it is imperative that parents should ensure that their little babies are exposed to natural elements like wood over hazardous plastic products.  

Another variety of popular Teethers available in the market are Silicone Teethers. There silicone Teethers are often filled with water or gel and are required to be kept in the freezer before the baby’s use. However, these silicone Teethers can pose a great danger for the baby as a slight puncture in the Teether can cause a leakage and the water or gel can be ingested by the baby. This can lead to a huge risk of infections to your little one who will have to deal with several other discomforting symptoms besides the unrest of their teething issues. Moreover, these Silicone Teethers become too hard when put in the freezer and such a hard object is not quite ideal for your little baby’s delicate gums. 

What NOT to do

Teething medications are very easily available over the counter at any pharmacy and worried parents often go by word of mouth and pick up these medicines for their babies. However, any medication which has not been advised by the child’s pediatrician should be strictly avoided. Parents often are unaware about the contents of these medications and also do not know the correct dosage which in turn can lead to unwarranted complications for the little ones. Teething troubles can be dealt with by most parents with little bit of effort but any serious symptoms or signs should be strictly handled only by a trained medical professional. 

Teething can be a daunting time for both babies and parents and therefore this period has to be handled carefully. By using the right soothing techniques and offering the right kind of Teethers like Neem Wood Teethers available at www.wufiy.com will certainly be the most ideal choice for parents. Moreover, Neem Wood Teethers are environment friendly and will help parents to make their own contribution towards nature.