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6 Best Educational Toys For 2 year Olds

6 Best Educational Toys For 2 year Olds

6 Best Educational Toys For 2 year Olds

The minute toddlers see something interesting, they crawl towards it wanting to dismantle every part the thing is made up of. While growing up, my baby boy used to imitate every action and incident he came across. Children’s playtime is one of the major parts of their day wherein they learn, be active, and try to communicate with others. So, toys were the best way I could help him explore his curiosity. 

I made sure to provide him with some of the most interesting educational toys for 2 year olds. I believe thoughtfully designed educational toys are a great start for your 2 year olds to trigger their mental and physical growth. Also, while choosing kids learning toys, keep in mind that they help your little one interact with others, learn social cues, understand basic concepts, and learn a lot more. 

Let’s look at some of the best educational toys for 2 year olds that will help them grow and learn.

Rainbow Tree Ring Sorter  

Rainbow Tree Ring Sorter

Our rainbow tree ring sorter is a must-have for kids of 2 years old and above. This ring sorter is made with vibrant rainbow colours so children can be familiar with basic colours. Sorting toys help kids to develop fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and most importantly they will have fun while learning. The ring sorter comes with a squared vertical pole with 24 rings of 12 colours. Trust me, kids are fond of such playsets. Bring home this rainbow ring sorter and watch how they spend hours trying to sort the rings as per their colours.  


Hanging Blackboard | Chalkboard

Wufiy Hanging Blackboard Chalkboard

Drawing, writing, or scribbling at an early stage is something that kids do to explore their imagination and creativity. My son just loves to scribble and I think most 2 year olds do too. Getting a hanging blackboard can be a good addition to your child’s room. I suggest you join your baby and have fun with the chalk and blackboard. I taught my son to hold the chalk correctly and started teaching him to try and draw lines. We, at our toy store Wufiy, offer you blackboards in different shapes that are sturdy and long-lasting. These blackboards are available in the shape of a cloud, a space rocket, and a hot air balloon. This is an excellent choice of educational toys for 2 year olds. 


Big Rocker T

Big Rocker T

This one is the best on the list of educational toys for 2 year olds. Yes, our Big Rocket T will be your child’s best buddy once you get it home. It is a multi-functional toy cum furniture. It can be used as a blackboard, rocker, table, see-saw, cradle, climber, and even a balancing board. Now, that’s a good investment, right? The rocker is made with sturdy and durable wood so it’s safe for the child to climb on. If it’s flipped to the side, there’s a blackboard for your kid to scribble. Your child can engage in various physical activities and can be entertained for hours with it. Our big rocker is big enough to accommodate more than one child at a time. So, it can be a part of kids’ group activities too. 


Wooden Climbing Rope Ladder

Climbing rope ladder

Here’s something that can help your child’s physical development. Our wooden climbing rope ladder is made with heavy-duty nylon and its Rod are made of solid beech wood. Now, your child can have a rope ladder indoors that keeps him or her active. I ensure to place soft cushions under the hanging ladder for the safety of my child. I believe 2-year-olds start building their physical strength, developing motor skills, and they need to have toys that can help them grow. Made with good quality wood, this rope ladder is the perfect addition to my son’s playroom.

Bow In The Sky - Rainbow Colour Sorter + Tong

Rainbow colour sorter

If you haven’t yet figured out how to introduce colours to your little one, here’s one of the most interesting kids learning toys that is the perfect fit for it. This uniquely designed rainbow colour sorter toy includes a semi-circular wooden board that has small circle slots in the shape of a rainbow. This board comes along with small pom-pom balls which should be ranged in the slots as per rainbow colours. This rainbow colour sorter helps my child to develop gross motor skills, gripping actions, hand-eye coordination, and colour recognition. Made with pinewood and child-safe colours, it is one of the excellent gifts as educational toys for 2 year olds 


Chop Chop Sets  

Vegetable fruit cutting set

My son has always been curious to understand how I cut vegetables, fruits, and meat. Many times he would try to grab the fruits on the table and search for a knife around him. But, we know they’re not yet ready for it, and as parents, we still want to help them understand things. This fruit and vegetable cutting toy is one of his favourite toy sets. Kids learning toys like these playsets help them learn the names of fruits and vegetables and associate them to their right colours. Make your kid’s playtime fun with this safe and organic wooden cutting toy set. It also helps develop practical abilities, hand-brain coordination, and it is a visual treat. 

It is completely normal for a 2 year old to be curious and hyperactive. As a parent, I wanted to provide my child with toys that can aid his overall growth. So, we established a toy store with organic educational toys that help a child’s physical and mental growth. We, at Wufiy, come up with great kids learning toys through research and study to offer quality toys for your little ones. We know that their child’s safety is of utmost importance to the parents. Our toys are crafted with no sharp edges and made using only organic material, and chemical-free paint. 

We have a wide range of educational toys for 2 year olds that you’d love to give your children. Come explore our collection of the best kids learning toys at Wufiy, that are safe,organic, and fun to play with!