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7 Brain Games For Kids to Boost Their Thinking Skills

7 Brain Games For Kids to Boost Their Thinking Skills

7 Brain Games For Kids to Boost Their Thinking Skills

With technology ruling our lives, our toddlers watch us dwell into screens every day! This has resulted in them seeking entertainment through devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Though it may keep your bundle of joy engaged for a while, it isn’t stimulating their minds.

But, did you know? There are games and toys that not only offer a fun time but also contribute in giving your munchkin’s brain development a boost. 

Children’s playtime is an integral part of their growing years, but things like books and outdated puzzles can bore them. Kids are consistently learning when they engage in any activity or game. So, it is imperative to provide them with games that help to develop their mental skills. Analytical thinking, critical thinking, conceptual learning, etc., kids can learn a lot during their playtime. 

Let me introduce you to some fun and interesting brain games that will help your little one grow smarter.

Shape Sorter

A shape sorter comes with various shapes in different colours and a box with hollow spaces for every shape. This game encourages a toddler to identify shapes. With the shapes disappearing into the box and then reappearing when the box is opened, the child will understand object permanence. This toy will help your kid develop hand-eye coordination and learn the names of different shapes. It is a game meant for children above 8 months. 


Moon Balancing

wooden puzzle balancing moon
 This challenging and skill-enhancing game is crafted for kids above the age of 5. Instead of other noisy games or electronic gadgets, I prefer giving this moon balancing toy game to my child. Since this game requires them to stack the thick wooden discs carefully without letting them fall apart, it builds concentration and patience.  




If you’re searching for a perfect gift for your munchkin’s inquisitive mind, a toolkit would be an excellent choice. Once the child engages himself in playing with this toolkit, it will be hours of play and difficult for you to get his/her attention! This creative and fun game kit comes with tools like a saw, hammer, workbench, screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts, etc. Toolkit is suitable for children above the age of 3, and is made to stimulate imagination and social development of the child.


Lacing Toys


Here’s something that can keep your kids engaged and entertained. A lacing toy comes with colourful wooden pieces in different shapes, which have holes towards the edges. A child needs to put a lace thread through these holes. Your kids can use this toy for tracing and drawing too. If your child is above 2 years, boost his/her fine motor skills through this wooden toy. 


Building Blocks

wooden blocks stacking building blocks


Building blocks are one of the most basic mind games for kids. I am sure we can all recollect playing with building blocks in our childhood. Yes, this game has been a constant in the kids' toy collection, but there is a reason why. You can expose your child to various colours, shapes, and sizes. Aspects such as creativity, tacking, sorting, spacial awareness, and a lot more things are explored with the help of building blocks. I choose to avoid plastic blocks and give my kids a healthy alternativebuilding blocks made of wood. 


Forest Safari Stacking Toy

Wooden Animals figures

Introduce your child to the world of animals with a safari stacking toy. The toys are crafted in a way that your kid can stack them one upon another. This boosts the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It exposes children to miniatures of different animals. I certainly like it when my child points towards animals and recognises them! It’s a great way for my little one to gain knowledge about the wildlife creatures.


Wooden Pebble Stacking 

I know that nothing can hold my child’s attention as much as colourful objects manage to do! The wooden pebble stacking game is his favourite. This stack of blocks, shaped like pebbles can be easily stacked upon one another in different forms. Such games help the development of motor skills, dexterity, and spacial reasoning. 

As a mother myself, I can affirm that the child’s safety is of paramount importance to any parent. Thus, today, parents wish to buy wooden toys and games for their organic qualities. 

With Wufiy, you can be assured that your little one is surrounded by 100% natural and safe toys. Our range of pretend play toys and development games not only focus on the child’s amusement but also on their overall growth.