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Things To Buy For New Moms - Wufiy

For To Be #NewMoms: Things To Buy Before The Day

For To Be #NewMoms: Things To Buy Before The Day

  1. Nursing Bras: Please INVEST in good nursing bras. Try..try..try...till you find the one that suits you the best. A good nursing bra makes feeding easy, gives good support to your heavy breast which helps in avoiding any future problems like sagging. I will repeat myself again compromise in every other thing but not the nursing bra.

  2. Feeding Garments: Yes you have become mama now congrats your wardrobe will need changes every now and then. Enjoy the phase and buy super cool nursing clothes. Nursing clothes make the feeding process extremely easy. Especially when you are stepping out. Few nursing/feeding clothes avoid the entire fuss of carrying many clothe covers that makes you and your baby uncomfortable. Also, it makes you look fab and not drab. After all, Baccha Paida Kiya Hai Koi Gunha Nahi Ke Nighty Mein Ghoomte Raho:)

  3. Feeding Pillow: People have a mix point of view on it but I swear by having one. It made my life super easy, also it gives you great back support. Initially, for 6 months your baby is completely dependent on you for food. There will be nights and days when you will be continuously feeding your little one when they are going through a growth spurt. At such times feeding pillow is of great help. It also makes the baby very comfortable, as he/she is not falling here and there with a normal sleeping pillow stack here and there. Also, many mothers are scared to hold their little ones and constantly thinking if they are holding it properly, is the latch proper and all. Feeding pillow is the answer to all such worries. I recommend this rest please have a look there are many varieties available online and choose the one that you are comfortable with. 

  1. Masseur: In India rather in Asia we have this awesome custom of 40 days of massage/malish. Well no matter how modern you have become please do not avoid this! Your body has gone through tremendous changes and pain. Your muscles need this, trust me they will love you back and you will be on your toes in no time. Also, your baby has gone through a long journey and who doesn’t like a nice relaxing spa. Having said the above what matters the most here is the MASSEUR. Do good research ask friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc. etc. if they know someone. Call the masseur, meet her, judge her if she really knows her job well or not. Please do not go on grey hairs judge them by their experience and feedback from their previous clients. Talk to them and see if you are comfortable with it.

  1. Massage Oil: Do not go for scented and big brands. Choose oil, which is natural and pure. Like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mustard Oil, and Sesame Oil. Mothers you can mix all the oils but for baby keep it simple either plain Coconut oil or Olive Oil.

  1. Spot Your Zone: One place in your house where you will like to make yours and kiddo’s Den. Place where you can feed your kiddo without any interruption. Choose a place, which is quiet and calm. No harsh lights have all your basic necessities. Good amount of pillows for your backrest and to create barriers for your kiddo to avoid any falls.

  1. Nappy Change Bag/Stand: Sleep close to your baby. For the first few months or at least first 40 days avoid diapers. No diapers mean frequent cleaning so ensure the bag/box is very close to your bed. It avoids the hassle of getting up and switching on the lights.

  1. Light Lamp/Dim Light: Have a nice dim light or night lamp arrange in your room. You will need this for all the night feeding and changes. Switching on normal room lights will disturb the baby's sleep.

  1. Clothes for baby: Enough loose muslin clothes for your kiddo, which should last him for at least 2 months. Nappies, front open tops, Mittens, Caps, and socks is what I recommended. A good number of muslin/cotton swaddles to wrap your baby. Swaddles are very important as it helps the baby to sleep well. Try and buy Bamboo cotton swaddle they are anti-bacterial, super soft and light. 

  1. Baby Bather: A good baby bather for the days when your maalishwali ditches you and you have to bathe the baby.  You don’t have to worry if you are holding the baby right, also avoid accidents in the bathroom.

  1. Cradle: If you don’t plan to co-sleep with your baby on the same bed gets a good cozy cradle. There are many in the market available, choose the one that best fits in your room and will keep your baby comfortable.