How are you serving your kid? – Wufiy
How are you serving your kid?

How are you serving your kid?

How are you serving your kid?

Do you remember your Grandma’s cupboard in the dining/living area? Where she loved to showcase all her ceramics and glass tableware…. Oh, where are these areas in 21st century?

Fine, I agree we were soberer and scared as kids not to touch that tableware and having food in them would be considered as a celebration. But now with those little naughty kids around, I agree it’s difficult to have glassware in the house intact in one piece. In order to avoid the breakage and danger of broken glass slowly and steadily we all have replaced tableware in our house with colorful melamine and plastic crockery. But keep your hand on your heart and say doesn’t the food taste much better in glass or steel or ceramic than plastic?

No matter how big jargon these companies use and various price tags and certificates fact is Plastic is Plastic!

And the combination of heat and plastic is DANGEROUS. Isn’t it true just heat any plastic and the foul smell says it all.

And as parents knowingly unknowingly we get indulge into buying fancy-looking plastic plates, spoons, bottles, tiffin for our kids and happily serve them food in it.

Do you know what happens then??? here are few points but go ahead and google it you will find many such points.

The chemicals released when hot food comes in contact with plastic/melamine;

  • Increases risk of prostate cancer
  • Increases risk of breast cancer
  • Disturbs the reproductive system
  • Disturbs the hormonal balance in the body
  • Heart diseases
  • Thyroid hormone disruption
  • Obesity
And the list goes on…

So, what’s the solution? It is simple to go organic and natural. Use tableware made of nature. We all are products of this environment and it can never harm you just benefit you.

Serve your kid food in steel plates and bowls. If steel is boring try our range of organic Wooden Cutlery. Wood, unlike steel, doesn’t get that hot so it is easier for kids to hold their plates and eat themselves.

Wood is sturdy, unlike glass. Kids have a tendency to throw things, hence this takes care of that trait in them:)

Let them have fun with their meals. These wooden plates are available in various shapes and designs. Making it interesting for your kid to have food/snacks in them.