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How can Montessori education help children in overall growth?

How can Montessori education help children in overall growth?


When we talk about education, the age-old picture of a classroom comes to our mind. No doubt classrooms are great starting points where children listen to their teacher passively. These days, schools are trying out newer methods of teaching children to improve their overall growth and development. Online classrooms, playschools, traditional classrooms etc. have gained attention with their out-of-the-box teaching methods. And one of the most effective methods adopted by schools is Montessori education. 

Today let us understand what exactly is Montessori education.

What is Montessori education? 

Montessori education is the methodology, designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who thought of a system of schooling where children are taught through experimenting with different games for a more effective and meaningful learning. Montessori education believes in engaging children in hands-on activities rather than the regular table-chair teaching, which will not only accelerate their mental health, but also provide a safe and secure environment for their overall growth. 

How is Montessori education effective in a child’s overall development? 

Montessori classrooms not only focus on a child’s educational development, but also help him develop interest in various activities and concepts of life, which lays a foundation for prolonged learning. 

Let’s understand how Montessori education can benefit a child’s development and help with overall growth.

Provides a nurturing environment 

Montessori education provides unique tools and educational requirements which are safe, engaging and help in overall development of the child. Montessori wooden toys like shape sorters, colour sorters, ring sorters, and pebble stacking toys are used in Montessori education. Wufiy has a wide range of Montessori toys which are perfect for your child’s overall development. These toys are made with utmost precision and research, which makes them more effective than other regular toys in the market. 

Helps children develop confidence with learning

Children can often face problems with self-esteem, which can be coped with activities that let them have practical experiences, making them feel more independent and confident. When children engage themselves with Montessori toys, they tend to solve problems themselves. A shape sorter, for example, lets the child put the matching shapes in their respective places. Doing this strengthens the child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps them develop problem-solving skills and give a boost to their learning and self-esteem. Along with this, children also get to learn the names of different shapes and colours. These activities help them to accept individuality and make conscious decisions. Wufiy toys are made in a way which lets children develop patience and confidence while they explore and have fun! 

Boosts fine motor skills 

Montessori toys for 3 year olds and even for pre-school playgroups consist of colour sorters, shape sorters, and other tool kits, which help them use their muscles. Fine motor skill is a very crucial thing to develop from an early age. Montessori schools provide such toys to kids during playtime which lets them use their hands, limbs, jump around and much more. An overall development for the kids is necessary, and hence Montessori schooling helps children to be at their best.

Enhances decision making 

Montessori classes are inclined towards young learners who are exposed to the external world and need mental stimulation to make the right decisions. Montessori education is directed towards hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and collaborative play, which makes children make conscious decisions during playtime. 

Montessori schools provide children with materials like safety scissors, tongs, tweezers, cleaning materials, along with several other opportunities like gardening, preparing snacks, arranging things, and much more. The Montessori system doesn’t only aim at basic education, but also focuses on skills that are needed for independent living. 

Montessori education fosters inner-security of the child and places a sense of responsibility in them. It puts emphasis on concrete learning for an overall development of the child. Wufiy develops the best Montessori wooden toys for kids of all ages starting from infants to school-goers. Wufiy can provide the gains and effective education of a Montessori classroom within the comfort of your home, so you can take your child’s learning a level up.