Step-by-Step Guide: How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby | Wufiy
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby | Wufiy

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby | Wufiy

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby | Wufiy

Newborn babies have a delicate body. Most of you may know that newborns are wrapped in a swaddle. In fact, even when the doctor or nurse handed you your little bundle of joy, he or she would have been wrapped up in a soft cloth. Do you know why? 

Well, swaddling is an age-old technique that is used to keep your little one calm and comforted. In this technique, you wrap your tiny human in a soothing comfort blanket that soothes him or her. Yes, we know what you’re thinking! It is not just for the baby's comfort but also for you to see them calm, cute, and adorable when they are wrapped up! I remember seeing my baby girl wrapped in a swaddle, it is a great feeling for any parent. This also allows you or anyone else to easily pick up newborn babies in their arms.

Benefits of Swaddling a Baby

Swaddling your baby has some wonderful benefits. Here’s how it helps your child’s growth and sleep. 

  • The newborn babies are adjusting to their new life outside the womb. A swaddle wrapped around your baby acts like a safe and snug environment of a womb. 
  • It keeps your baby warm and comforted. Also, they feel secure when they are wrapped in a swaddle. 
  • Wrapping babies in a swaddle limits the startle reflexes that can wake them during sleep. 
  • It helps babies to stay calm and sleep well.
  • It becomes easier for you to hold your baby in your arms. 

Step by Step Guide to Swaddle a Baby

First of all, I think that learning how to swaddle a baby requires not just a correct technique but all your love and attention! The art of swaddling a baby is more than just wrapping them with the right steps. When I used to swaddle my baby girl, I did follow a few techniques that were comfortable for her and even for me. That’s how I formed a correct routine of wrapping her up in a soft muslin swaddle wrap! Therefore, you do not have to make it complicated, just do what your baby likes and what’s best for him or her. But, you must follow a few standard steps while swaddling a baby.

Here are the steps you must follow while swaddling a baby.

How to swaddle

Fold The Swaddle in a Diamond Shape

You need to find a flat surface where you can safely let your baby lie down. First, spread the baby’s swaddle and then fold the top corner down (6 inches). It will look like the shape of a diamond. Fold it properly and you will have a flat top now. 

Lay Your Baby On the Swaddle Blanket

Pick your little one and let him or her lay in the swaddle blanket face-up. Ensure that your baby’s head is above the flat line of the swaddle blanket. Your baby must be in the centre of the swaddle blanket

Wrap Your Baby with The Sides of the Swaddle

Ensure that your baby’s right arm is aligned with the body and also slightly bent. Now, take the right side of the swaddle wrap blanket and pull it across towards the left side. The swaddle must cover your baby’s chest and keep the right arm tucked inside. The baby’s left arm is free at this point. 

Ring Up the Bottom

Now that you have tucked the right arm, Pull the bottom tip of the swaddle straight up. Ensure that your baby is comfortable and straight. Tuck the bottom corner of the swaddle under the first fold, just below your baby’s neck. 

Secure The Blanket

To tuck the left arm, bring the left corner of the swaddle to the right. Now, the left arm is also tucked in the fold. Next, tuck the left corner under the right side of your baby’s back. To secure the bottom of the swaddle, twist it a little and tuck it underneath your little one. Voila! Your baby is now all snuggled up in a nice, warm wrap!

Follow the aforementioned steps and you’ll become a pro at swaddling babies in no time! 

Tips to Swaddle Your Baby Correctly

  • The swaddle wrap does not have to be too tight or too loose. Your baby must be comfortable when tucked in it. 
  • If your baby wants one or both arms outside the swaddle you can do it for them to be comfortable. 
  • When babies struggle to free their hands or legs, you can unwrap the swaddle for them. 
  • Choose a swaddle that is good for your baby’s skin.

Tips to Buy the Best Swaddles

Swaddle blankets or swaddle wraps are designed out of materials like cotton blend, muslin, linen, or any other natural material that is safe for your little cuties. While buying the best swaddle blanket, I ensure that the material of swaddle wraps is breathable and soothing to touch. At Wufiy, we offer swaddles made with the finest and 100% bamboo muslin material. This antibacterial material pulls the moisture from the skin and does not cause any allergic reaction. I love how they are super soft, light in weight, and the softest eco-friendly fabric. Our swaddle wraps are available in cool prints and colours, so you get to choose from a wide range. 

Swaddles can be used as a towel, mat, blanket, and of course, swaddle wraps. Ensure to choose quality material that is the best for your child. I stopped swaddling my baby girl after she was 4 months old. It felt like she grew up so fast! It is a treat to recall my baby girl wrapped in a swaddle when she was just a month old. But, we all know how babies learn to roll after 3-4 months and they need to be free for movement. Swaddling has many benefits but you will learn from your baby’s physical behaviour when you need to stop tucking them into swaddle wraps.