New age of education requires new methods. How can toys help? – Wufiy

New age of education requires new methods. How can toys help?

New age of education requires new methods. How can toys help?


Education has evolved a lot with time. From drawing shapes inside caves to the technological wizardry of the metaverse, education has provided us with a universe of knowledge. We can, without a doubt, browse and find thousands of educational platforms that give the best technological support to children from a young age. The question still remains - How can babies be educated? 

Research shows that learning through playtime is an important part of the child’s development. Parents always want their kids to pour out their energies and imagination. But how good are the toys? Some of the factors that need to be developed from an early age are - 

  1. Problem solving skills 
  2. Cause and effect relationships 
  3. Conflict resolution 
  4. Fine and gross motor skills 
  5. Creativity and imagination 
  6. Positive attitude and strong self-esteem 

Toys are great stimulating objects. Toys, since ages, have been given to babies, toddlers, and kids of all age groups to enhance their physical and mental growth. Babies are always eager to learn about their environment. Any new shape, colour and texture entices them. Toys can be a great way to provide your child with the initial education they need. 

Let’s learn how toys can be a great tool to instil early education in children. 


What can babies learn?

Babies are curious minds always finding ways to connect with the external environment. Everything you introduce to a baby will be a learning experience. Giving your baby safe and stimulating toys can help him discover new senses. Rattles are one of the best educational toys for 2 year olds and, in fact, for all age groups, that can make music and stimulate their senses. Toys with vibrant colours also add to the mental growth and vision development of children. Chunky toys can also help them learn about object permanence and cause and effect relationships. 

What Wufiy has to offer?

  • Wufiy baby rattles create soothing music and hence makes them calm and happy. 
  • Wufiy wobbling toys are also great ways to start teaching your baby about cause and effect relationships. 
  • The Wufiy wooden pebble stacking toys also teaches babies about balance and helps them develop patience. 

How can toddlers benefit from toys?

Toddlers can play with a variety of educational toys. While growing up, they might find the old toys more fascinating. Shape sorters are great toys for toddlers as they give them the freedom to identify shapes and they learn about sorting them. Legos are one of the best educational toys for toddlers as they can pour out their imagination and come up with shapes. Legos can also teach them about symmetry and develop their fine motor skills. 

How can Wufiy help? 

  • Wufiy shape sorter toys are specially made to help toddlers understand object permanence.
  • Wufiy fishing games / toys also enhance hand-eye coordination in toddlers.

 Preschoolers and school-going children 

During the advent of education, children still need mental stimulation at home. Learning letters, names, and language can be overwhelming. But with toys, everything can be made easy! Blackboards, alphabet puzzles, and some electronic gadgets can really help in easing out the process. 

What’s in Wufiy’s bag? 

  • Wufiy puzzles, shape sorters and blackboards are excellent choices to start the education process. 
  • Wufiy doctor kit also introduces your child to the world of health and hence he learns about caring and nurturing as well. 

Playtime can be a crucial period for children. With educational toys, you can teach and bond with them. New age education can be a bit overwhelming and it is often seen and they face information-overload. But with toys, education can be made enjoyable and help them retain the things they learn. Wufiy toys are carefully made to develop and teach children from an early age. Wufiy kids learning toys can provide the positive attributes of toys and can help the children in developing a keen interest in all the subjects going forward.