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Here’s Why Wooden Toys are the Best for Kids

Here’s Why Wooden Toys are the Best for Kids

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Every parent of a toddler would agree to the fact that keeping their little ones entertained for long hours is no easy task. As soon as our babies turn into toddlers, keeping them occupied becomes more and more time consuming and exhausting with each passing day. While our kids grow up and start running around the house, parents are constantly worried that they would harm themselves as they go about exploring the world around them. Haven't we all faced our worst nightmares when our kids enter the kitchen and create havoc? Pulling open drawers, spilling food containers, fiddling with cleaning agents, exploring the refrigerator—our little toddlers can be real tyrants once left loose in the house. It is at such times when keeping them occupied with the right kind of toys is imperative and much needed. And what can be a better way to keep them entertained and involved than giving them good quality, non-toxic, durable wooden toys.

Being a parent of two very active kids, I’ve been through my share of stress, worrying endlessly for my kids' safety. Like most parents, I too picked up various toys for my kids in both plastic as well as wooden categories. However, the one thing that I observed was their evident affinity towards wooden toys. This could easily be attributed to the touch and feel of a natural material as opposed to the synthetic feel of plastic ones.

This is when I started exploring the world of wooden toys in India and realised the endless and amazing options available out there. With all my experience of the past couple of years, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why picking wooden toys for babies is the best option.


Boosts imagination and interactive skills

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In today’s day and age, when the markets are filled with various plastic as well as electronic toys, many parents tend to lean towards toys which have a multitude of lights and sounds assuming that it will entertain their little ones. However, these noisy and shiny electronic toys limit the child’s imagination and do not allow them to use their reasoning skills. On the other hand a well-crafted wooden toy like the Lacing and Tracing set will allow the little ones to spend hours lacing together different shapes to a solid wooden disc and use their own imagination to play with the toy in different ways. The Forest Safari set from Wufiy is another great toy which will boost pretend play activities and also help toddlers with their fine motor skills. The thick animal cutouts can be stacked one on top of the other to make innumerable formations as per their imagination.


Helps to channelise their energy in the right way

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The age between 1-4 years can be a tough time for both parents as well as the child. It is often seen that kids seem to have a lot of pent up physical energy and they often don’t know where and how to channelise this energy. With the lockdown striking the world in the year 2020, little kids have been unable to step out of the house, further increasing their need to let off steam. A lot of times, parents are left dumbfounded when their kids pick up objects and smash it to the floor, not realising the immense anxiety building within them. At such times, the Hammer and Peg Toy available at Wufiy seems to be an ideal toy for our children to channelise all their built up energy. This toy will allow kids to pound the well-crafted light weight Hammer on a rod with pegs, without hurting themselves in any way. This toy can also double up as a great pretend play object as children can use it to turn into little ‘Handymen’.


Long term pocket friendly

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As I explored the world of wooden toys in India and sought the opinion of other parents, the one thing I realised was that the biggest reason why people tend to lean towards plastic as opposed to wooden was due to the latter being a cheaper option. However, after purchasing an array of wooden toys for my kids, I realised that in the long run, they turn out to be a lot cheaper than plastic ones because of their sheer durability and sturdiness. Parents spend a lot of money on electronic toys for their kids but these toys constantly require change of batteries and this inevitably increases their long term cost.

In comparison, wooden toys once bought remain good as new for a long time and require no additional expense. Best quality wooden toys are not only strong and sustainable, they can also be passed on down through generations, making them a sensible investment for your little ones. Children can spend hours doing role play and pretend play activities with non-toxic and environment-friendly Popup Toaster Sets available at Wufiy.


Calming effect and oneness with nature

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Seeing my little ones play with wooden toys, I couldn’t help notice the fact that they seemed a lot more calmer and tuned in as opposed to their time spent with noisy electronic toys. This led me to come across an interesting research which proves that natural materials and elements have an obvious soothing effect on children. Wooden toys and objects help children to feel one with nature and have an overall stabilising effect on their minds.


Environment friendly

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Over the past few years, people throughout the world are getting more and more environmentally conscious and are well aware of the hazards of plastic. Giving our little ones an all-natural, biodegradable wooden toy is a great contribution that we parents can do towards our planet.


Safer option


The hazards of plastic are already known to parents all across the globe. Plastic toys available in the market are made from toxic chemicals like BPA which can have adverse effects on our little ones if ingested by any chance. Moreover, flimsy cheap quality plastic toys tend to chip off easily and the sharp edges can hurt our kids even without us knowing about it. In such a case, Wufiy’s range of best quality wooden toys for babies are a much safer bet; they are made with good quality wood and child-safe paint. Parents won’t have to worry at all even if their toddlers bring these toys to their mouths as these products are completely safe and non-toxic. 


Best choice for Preschool and Montessori

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In recent years, a lot of Preschools and Montessori schools in India have been gradually replacing their plastic toys with the wooden ones. More and more well-trained teachers and educators across the world are getting aware of the countless benefits of wooden toys over plastic. It is now time for us parents too to take a cue and say a complete no to plastic and give a lasting gift to our kids in the form of wooden toys.