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7 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Pretend Play

7 Ways To Engage Your Kids In Pretend Play

Children take interest in various games and toys while they grow up. The wobbly toys wouldn't be amusing for a 2-year-old baby and the complex puzzle isn’t something a 3-year-old baby would be able to solve. Kids enjoy games they can play as well as understand.

Children above 3 years of age begin to enact you, a family member, or a cartoon character that they love. That’s when they start enjoying the pretend play games or activities. Your little one may want to dress up as a cop, host a tea party, or check your heartbeats with a toy stethoscope! You’ll love how they get creative with their thoughts.

To encourage their imagination, you can introduce them to pretend play sets. Yes, pretend play toys benefit children in many ways. Since they try to copy their elders, along with fostering creativity and imagination, it also helps them mould their soft skills. Here’s how you can encourage pretend play in different ways.

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