Therapeutic effect of wood on kids…. – Wufiy
Therapeutic effect of wood on kids….

Therapeutic effect of wood on kids….

Therapeutic effect of wood on kids….

Have you ever wondered no matter how stressed you are, a simple walk under the open sky in the shade of trees can be very peaceful. It just declutters our minds and helps us to get clarity of thoughts and deal with any situation in a better way.

Now just imagine a baby/ toddler/child who is not able to fully express him/her self-dealing with so many new experiences every day. His/her mind-frame. Constantly being told ‘do this’, ‘don’t do that’, ‘eat’, ‘drink’, ‘wear this’, ‘don’t touch that’ etc. etc. Yes, just like us toddlers/kids do go through a lot of stress, which they are not able to express in words. But it often comes out as irritation, screaming, throwing things, hitting…commonly known as ‘Toddlers Tantrums’.

As parents somewhere knowingly unknowingly we add more noise in this situation by giving them toys full of sounds, lights, manuals, and yes of Plastic!

So before I make a point here and conclude this blog, do a simple experiment. Hold any plastic toy in your hand for a few minutes and be sensitive to how it makes you feel. Repeat the same but this time hold any wooden toy in your hand for a few minutes and note how that makes you feel.

I bet the sheer feeling of touching a wood is very soothing, comforting and peaceful.

So why not give our little angels those happy feelings…the texture of the wood is very therapeutic.

A wooden toy is very soothing and appealing. Research shows that children experience more calmness and quality play through wooden toys than from any other material. It gives children the opportunity to slow down and probe into the qualities and possibilities of play. Whereas plastic toys can overstimulate, stress and cause exhaustion in the child soon.

So next time you wanna buy any gift/toy for your kiddo pick up a wooden toy and see the magic.

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