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6 Reasons Why Babies Need Rattle Toys

6 Reasons Why Babies Need Rattle Toys

6 Reasons Why Babies Need Rattle Toys

Do you remember the first toy you bought for your newborn baby? It might have been something colourful that made a sound. These are known as baby rattle toys made especially for the amusement of infants. The playful baby rattles are not just for entertainment but they promote some imperative skills for a baby’s healthy development. 


Babies love exploring the toys we hand over to them. They’ll hold the rattle tightly, observe it, hear the sound carefully, and they also feel the texture of the toy. Babies tend to chew on their toys while teething, so it becomes important to choose safe rattle toys for your child. 

Let us understand the importance of baby rattles in the early stage of growth. 


It Encourages Fine Motor Skills 

Neem Wood Rattle

The grasp reflex of their fingers and palm encourages the initial moves of motor skills in newborn babies. They hold on to things tightly and this helps them to hold objects properly, shake the toys, and thus develop fine motor skills. I have witnessed my son trying to hold a rattle toy and observe the colours and sounds of it. It is amusing for newborn babies to see and hold a toy like this one. 


Rattles Can Help a Baby’s Cognitive Growth

Babies indeed have a short span of attention. The baby rattles toys are designed to attract and hold their attention. So, when my kid was 3-months-old I used to ask him to pass the toy or try to get it by crawling. It encouraged him to move and reach the toy. Also, rattles can teach your babies a few simple concepts like object permanence. You can hide the rattle toy and see if your child tries to search for it.  


It Helps Babies to Explore Their Curiosity 

Rattles will have a few moving things, lights, colours, or unique textures. Babies try to turn or twist the objects and see what happens next. I did not want to buy plastic toys and so I chose wooden rattle toys for my baby. The toy was simple with two beads and he liked playing with it. The soft sound of the beads made him curious and he shook the rattle toy to hear that sound. Our curious little humans are great at exploring new toys!


Improves Hand Eye-Coordination

Babies learn to coordinate their vision and action slowly while growing. This is known as hand-eye coordination. They may first swat at the toy and then try to hold or touch the toy when they are sure of their movements. Also, when used to make the sound of the rattle toy, my son used to immediately react and search for it. When he started crawling, he would try to reach it if I placed the rattle toy a short distance from him. 


Rattles Provide Auditory Stimulation

As we discussed, baby rattles are designed to make various sounds. It is because the toy can promote auditory stimulation for newborn babies. Shaking the rattle, banging it, or playing with its small pieces makes different sounds. Babies learn and explore various tones, rhythms, and levels of volumes with the help of rattles.


It Provides Tactile Stimulation

Infants have a sensitive touch and they can feel the textures of the toys we give them. So, giving them rattles crafted with a soothing texture can help to calm them. Another reason why rattles are good for babies is that the toy encourages tactile stimulation. They learn to discriminate between hard, soft, bumpy, cold, and warm objects. While the baby's teeth are growing they experience itching or pain in their gums. Chewing on things can help ease the pain. Therefore, it becomes necessary to give them rattles made with safe materials. 


There is a wide range of baby rattles available today in the market. But, most of these toys are made with plastic and I did not want to encourage my child to use objects made out of such materials. As a responsible parent and a citizen too, I wanted to make a conscious choice for my little son. I started an online store, Wufiy, to offer organic wooden toys that are safe for kids. Our range of products also includes educational toys for kids of all ages. 


Neem Wood RattlesWe, at Wufiy, offer some of the best rattles for babies in India. You can find these baby rattle toys online. They are crafted with the finest quality of neem wood and we use only chemical-free paint. We have designs like the half-moon rattle and the fish-shaped rattle. Some parents might learn that their baby is not a fan of rattle toys. It is normal for babies to feel scared of a few sounds. Infants can be sensitive to noises in their surroundings. But, you must choose what you feel is best for your little one and ensure to build a safe environment for their early stage of growth.