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Why Do Babies Love Teethers?

Why Do Babies Love Teethers?

Why Do Babies Love Teethers?

Babies get easily irritated and at times parents cannot identify what is causing them discomfort. Teething is one of those phases in your child's life when they get frustrated and anxious.


You may notice sore gums, excessive drooling, and your baby’s urge to chew or bite their toys. This indicates that your baby is teething. As a parent, when my son experienced these things, I tried to distract him from the pain but it wasn’t a long-term solution. I knew that it would take something more than a few tricks to distract him. That’s when I bought home baby teething toys. 


What are Teethers?

When I tried to distract my baby from the pain in his gums, I gave him his favourite toy. But, even that did not help and I had to seek a better way. Baby teething toys are made especially for children to chew or bite during the teething phase. Buying a teether for kids can effectively ease their sore gums. However, I observed that pain relief may not be the only reason why babies love teethers. 


Here are some of the reasons (apart from pain relief) why babies love teethers. 


It helps Them in Self Awareness 

When children are playing with teething toys, they also explore their teeth and tongue. All the munching will let your baby understand how teeth and tongue help in chewing food. They begin to feel their teeth growing, and thus their tongue moves around to feel them. This helps babies in developing their oral skills too. They may start to utter their first words or babble and try to communicate. 


Biting and Chewing Is a Baby’s Way to Explore 

Babies do not understand a toy immediately after you hand it to them. I have observed this with my son. When he was 5 months old I gave him a wooden teether and at first, he held it and observed the shape and size only to start biting and chewing it the next minute. I realised that kids take a little time to explore anything you give them. They are curious and they do whatever they can to discover new things. 


Teethers are Made of Soothing Materials 

Most baby teethers are made with soft and soothing material that feels good to touch. Initially, when I had to choose a teether, I bought a plastic teether for my son. But, I soon understood that this type of teething toy is not safe for kids. That is why we, at Wufiy, craft wooden teethers for kids that are a perfect remedy for their irritation. The excellent quality of neem wood ensures that your baby gets the anti-bacterial properties of neem. Neem wood is a soothing material that helps us craft sustainable, safe, and organic toys for babies.  Make healthy and conscious choices about everything related to your little bundle of joy. 


Teethers are Made to Attract a Baby’s Attention 

As a manufacturer of a wide range of toys, we know that each toy must have properties that can attract a child’s attention. It can be the shape, colour, size, or even the complexity of the toy which grabs a baby’s attention. Therefore, even teethers are crafted to keep your little one entertained. Our neem wood teethers are made in different shapes such as fish, horse, teddy bear, cloud, etc., to keep your lil munchkin amused.