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Here’s Why You Should Gift a Wooden Play Kitchen Set to Your Child

Here’s Why You Should Gift a Wooden Play Kitchen Set to Your Child

Here’s Why You Should Gift a Wooden Play Kitchen Set to Your Child

You may have noticed that children like to imitate adults! Your baby boy might want to go drive a car or your little princess may want to do your health checkup. They pretend to be a grown up, and try to experience the life of an adult. Since parents are the first role models for kids, they desire to be like their mom and dad. 

I encourage pretend play and provide my children with games and toys that can help them explore as much as they want. My 3-year-old is very curious about cooking and kitchen appliances. Also, my son has shown interest in helping me in the kitchen. Time and again, they ask me countless questions about the things they observe. But obviously, kids are too small to cook or even use a kitchen appliance.

So, I decided to get them a kids’ kitchen set. I feel it is important to support your little curious beings in their journey of exploring the world. 

Here’s how a pretend play kitchen set can support the growth years of your child:

Helps Develop Social Skills 

When your child is playing with friends, he or she communicates, gets involved, and becomes a part of a social group. It helps the child to cooperate, socialise and be considerate towards others’ ideas. A kitchen play set will get them involved in one similar activity and share their different thoughts or suggestions. I think it has helped my kids to understand when they need to control their behaviour, and how to talk to others and communicate in different scenarios. 

It Involves Pretend Play 

A kitchen set can be a part of pretend play games like hosting a tea party! Your children shall experiment and understand the responsibility of being a host for a small event. Well, my baby involves dolls, and imagines them to be human beings. She talks to them and pretends to host lunch and parties for her dolls. I have observed her behaving like me when I am with others. At times when my daughter is upset, my son hosts a house party only to cheer her up. 

Children Explore the World of Kitchen and Cooking

One of the first things that a kitchen set does is teach your child about the basics of a kitchen. Kids learn about cooking and home appliances. My son was fascinated when I got him and his sister a kitchen set. They played with other friends, interacted with them and I could see how they used to be engrossed in the activity. Your little ones will also develop organisational skills and follow the manners that you teach them about keeping the house clean.

Helps Brain Development of the Child 

Along with cooking and understanding the responsibilities of a host, a pretend kitchen set allows children to think creatively. While they engage in pretend play, they also create daily life problems in their story and then try to resolve the same. It encourages high-level thinking and triggers their brains to act and think practically. 

Children Understand Shared Responsibility 

When your children notice you and your partner help each other in household chores, they will enact the same in their playtime. Today, each partner equally takes up the responsibilities at home and shares the load. Children can observe their parents and understand the importance of shared responsibility. Therefore, a kitchen set is not just meant for baby girls but is also a great choice for boys who show interest in cooking, and other household chores.

Things like a pretend kitchen set keeps my kids away from gadgets. Their playtime includes more learning, development, fun, and knowledge. Children understand the importance of cooking and learn about other household chores. I let my son and daughter both explore and grow while they engage in pretend play with various kits and sets.

As a mother, I always want the best for my children. Their safety is my priority and so I ensure to get organic toys for them. I understand that like me, all parents want the same. Thus, I started Wufiy, a brand, which crafts wooden toys to help children develop and grow. Along with wooden play kitchen sets, our collection includes a cleaning cart, toolkit set, doll house, and other pretend play toys. Every wooden toy at Wufiy is well-furnished and made of non-toxic paint. These toys are not just a great choice for your child’s entertainment but also for their brain development and growth. Ensure to provide your child with development toys and games that are made from quality material.