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About Us

Wufiy….Its Perfect

We feel at Wufiy that each mother and child deserves what is perfect for them and that’s the motto, which we try to bring in our products.

We offer products that are Organic, Safe, Environment Friendly and Healthy. Our product line consists of broadly two categories;

Child Zone:

Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Toys

Baby Wear

Moms Zone:

Maternity Wear

Health Bars

A) Wooden Cutlery

While every parent is mindful and thinking about what food their child is eating there is still a huge gap in the way we serve food to our kids. Plastic whether BPA free or with BPA is hugely hazardous to the health of the child and it can also interfere in their hormonal wellbeing.

Our range of wooden cutlery comes in cute shapes and size to make the mealtime - fun time and full of imagination. It is a perfect alternative to harmful plastic tableware and delicate glass tableware.

 B) Wooden Toys

The biggest concern for every parent is “how do I avoid giving them screen time and keep him or her away from putting those dirty plastic toys in their mouth.”

Well we do share your concerns and that is why we have come up with our range of toys, which are Organic, made of Wood, Interesting & Entertaining enough to keep your child occupied.

 We have range of Pretend Play/Role playing Toys and Developmental Toys, which not only develop various skills in your child but also are very imaginative and inspirational.

C) Baby Wear

Our cute range of swaddles is made of 100% Bamboo Muslin that is super soft and super light for your little angel. Besides being the softest fabric for your baby it is antibacterial, highly sweat absorbent, insulating, naturally UV protectant, hypoallergenic and it’s the most eco-friendly fabric available. 

D) Maternity Wear & Health Bar

Motherhood is taxing, tiring, exhausting, extremely demanding and henceit is very important for the new mother to be healthy and comfortable with all the changes in this new chapter of her life.

We offer range of easy feeding and maternity range that makes the journey easy and happy for mothers and health bars inspired by secret recipe of Great Grand Ma contain 28 natural ingredients that fulfills all the nutritional needs of a new mom. It addresses all the health concerns a new mother faces.