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Health Bar

28 Organic Ingredients

The health bar consists of ingredients like Natural Gum, Ghee, Dry Fruits, Sesame Seeds, Lotus Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Ajwain, Garden Cress Seeds, Methi Seeds, Flex Seeds, Musk Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Khus Khus, Katla (Ayurveda Herb), Jaggery, Dry Coconut and flours of Ragi, Water Chestnut, Bajra, and Wheat to name a few. It has ZERO Preservatives and Sugar.  



It is not only healthy and beneficial to new mothers but for the entire family. The list of benefits is super long but to highlight few here are some; Rich in Milk producing Galactagogues, Strengthens Bones & Muscles, Antioxidant-Rich, Boost Digestive/Gut health, Rich In Iron, Calcium, Protein and High dietary fiber, Expedites Quick Recovery Post Delivery and last but not the least ZERO side effects and a great Snacker for everyone.

How To Place An Order

The health bar is Made To Order so it is always fresh and yummy when you get it. It is advisable to have atleast 2 bars in a day to fulfill necessary dietary requirements. 1Kg pack consists of 36 bars, which should last for 15 days if consumed 2 to 3 on an average every day.

Minimum order quantity is 1Kg @ 2450Rs + Courier charges as applicable. To place an order simply add it to your cart and expect it to be delivered within 7 working days. 

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