Why Plastic Free Toys? – Wufiy

Why Plastic Free Toys?

Wooden toys are biodegradable and powered by make-believe so it’s the child’s creativity that does the legwork. They are more long lasting than their plastic counterparts; they are family heirloom in the making.

All our wood is sourced from ethical and sustainable resources.  We encourage and inspire long-term imaginative play. Sensory layers of colors, sound, texture and discovery ensure that Wufiy toy becomes a well-loved family favorite for generations to come.

Played by big and small kids. We believe that what's a toy if not for fun and development. Wufiy is for kids by kids as we involve kids of all ages during our design process. The safety of every child is our number one priority. We only use safe paint and introspect every little detail to make sure that every toy is a masterpiece contributing to overall development of the child and is a safe play.