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Bow In The Sky - Rainbow Colour Sorter + Tong

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Product Description;

  • Let your little one have a blast with colors with this one-of-a-kind Wufiy Bow In The Sky, Rainbow Colour Sorter Toy set.
  • The Uniquely designed Wufiy Rainbow Colour Sorter set consists of a semi-circular wooden board having colorful circular slots arranged in the shape of a Rainbow. 
  • The board comes along with 75 colorful small pom-pom balls which can be arranged onto the circular slots as per their matching colors.
  • Children can use their fingers or can also use the pair of wooden tongs that come along with this set to arrange the pom-pom balls into the slots.
  • This beautifully colored Rainbow Sorting Set is an excellent toy for the early development of toddlers and preschoolers as it aids Gross Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination as well as Color Recognition. The usage of tongs also helps to develop Fine Motor Skills and enhances their Gripping action.
  • The Wufiy Rainbow Colour Sorter board and tongs are made with good quality and sturdy pine wood and the pom-pom balls are soft and can be handled easily by little ones. 
  • All colors used in this set are completely child-safe. 
  • This product is Made In India. 

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