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Half Moon Neem Wood Baby Rattle - Red & Yellow + Fish Rattle

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Product Description: 

  • Watch your little baby giggle excitedly playing with the well-crafted beautiful Half Moon Wooden Rattle & Fish Rattle which makes a soothing sound.
  • The rattles are designed in such a way that it can be held easily by the baby.
  • The rattles make a pleasing sound when shaken and help to soothe an irritable baby and also helps to draw their attention.
  • These rattles have an attractive design and will easily captivate the little child.
  • All paints used on this wooden rattle are derived from vegetable extracts and are completely safe for the baby even if taken to the mouth.
  • Made in Neem Wood, the wooden rattles can also be used as a teether to soothe teething babies.
  • Being made in Neem Wood, this rattle is a better option over various plastic rattles available as these are often made with toxic recycled plastic.
  • Help to make the world a greener place for your little one with these environmentally safe Wooden Rattles.
  • This rattle is Made In India.