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Ele Elephant Rocker / Ride-on

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Product Description;

Hi, I am Ele :)

  • See your little one laugh and giggle with joy as they rock happily on this beautifully crafted Ele Elephant Rocker.
  • Shaped like an Elephant, this Rocking toy by Wufiy has a sturdy backrest, side handles, and footrest to ensure safety and comfortable seating for little ones as they rock back and forth.
  • The rocking motion is enjoyed by children right from infancy and therefore this cute Elephant Rocker will help to thrill kids right up to preschool age.
  • The rocking motion is known to help calm the child and it also helps to establish a healthy heart rate.
  • Rocking also helps to enhance mobility and improves the sense of balance.
  • This Rocker is designed for children aged 8 months to 4 years and can hold weight up to 15 kgs.
  • This Elephant Rocker is available in three elegant colors, Pink, Blue, and Grey.
  • The Rocker is built completely with good quality wood and will last through generations. 
  • The colors used on this product are child-safe. 
  • This product is Made in India.