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Fish Shaped Neem Wood Rattle

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Product Description:

  • This Wooden Rattle having a unique shape and pleasing sound is the perfect addition to your little baby’s rattle collection.
  • This Wooden Rattle is shaped like a baby Fish and it is designed in such a way that it can be gripped by the baby easily.
  • The Wooden fish-shaped rattle is filled with beads which will make a soothing pleasing sound when the rattle is shaken.
  • An irritable baby can be easily soothed with the pleasing sound of this rattle.
  • This Rattle is made with Neem Wood which has anti-bacterial properties and is completely safe even if the child takes the rattle to the mouth. It can be used as a Teether too.
  • As plastic rattles and other toys are often made with toxic recycled plastic, a wooden rattle is a safer option for babies.
  • This product is 100% Made in India.