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Forest Safari, Set of 9 Wild Wooden Animals | Stacking Toy + Cotton Bag

Rs. 2,475.00

Product Description:

  • Give a glimpse of the wildlife to your little one with this 100% wooden animal toy set comprising of 9 well-crafted wooden animals. 
  • This Wooden Forest Safari Set consists of impeccably painted 9 wooden animal toys packed into a handy cotton bag allowing kids to take the toys wherever they go.
  • Each Animal cutout has a thick width and can be held upright easily.
  • The animal figures are crafted in such a way that they can be stacked one on top of the other, helping the child to use the set in multiple ways.
  • This unique Wooden Animal Toy Set helps children to develop fine motor skill as well as hand-eye-coordination as they can stack up the animals in their own unique way
  • This wooden toy set helps the children to learn the names of different wild animals in a fun play way method.
  • The wooden animal toys will add hours to your child's pretend playtime as they recreate their own little wildlife.
  • Each toy is made with solid good quality wood and painted with child-safe colors.
  • It is a perfect toy available in our toystore which can be gifted to a girl or a boy. 
  • This product is 100% Made In India.

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