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Lion Wobbling Toy | Roly Poly Baby Toy + Half Moon Shaped Neem Wood Rattle

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Product Description:

  • This Wooden Rattle and Wobbler combo pack is the perfect set for little babies to keep them entertained with the help of natural elements.
  • The Wooden Rattle and Wobbler are both made of good quality Wood and are completely free of any kind of toxic elements.
  • The rattle makes a soothing sound which will put a smile on your little one’s face as they grab it with ease and play with it by themselves.
  • The Rattle is made of high quality Neem wood which has Anti-Bacterial properties, making this a very safe product for your child even if put in the mouth.
  • The Wobbler is an age-old toy crafted in a new and unique way with bright attractive colors.
  • The Wobbler is a perfect Toy to help your baby get their Tummy Time as they watch with amazement how it bounces back upright when pushed down.
  • The Wobbler toy can also help to encourage babies to crawl.
  • As it bounces back upright with each push, this Wooden Wobbler Toy helps to build the child’s curiosity and is also a great sensory tool.
  • This well designed and beautifully crafted set can be perfect first toys for your babies as they learn to play with natural elements rather than toxic plastic toys which are often made with highly dangerous recycled plastic,
  • Colors used on the Rattle and Wobbler are completely child safe
  • Both products are Made In India.