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Penguin Wobbling Toy | Roly Poly Baby Toy

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Product Description:

  • Help to build your little baby's curiosity with this well-crafted Wooden Wobbler/ Roly Poly toy.
  • Wobbling toys are designed to encourage tummy time for your babies as they will be enchanted looking at the toy bounce back every time it's pushed.
  • This wooden wobbler will encourage the child to crawl as they try to push the wobbler down several times and get fascinated as it bounces back upright.
  • Roly-Poly toys help to trigger the child's curiosity and are a great sensory tool for babies.
  • These wobblers are made of good quality wood and will not damage even if your little ones fling it around.
  • The wooden wobblers/Roly-Poly baby toys are available in a variety of animal themes and the bright colours will help to captivate the child.
  • All paints used on the toys are completely child-safe and will not harm the baby even if taken to the mouth.
  • Being completely wooden, this toy is environmentally safe and is a good choice over toxic plastic toys.
  • This toy is Made in India.