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Whale & Sea Horse Neem Wood Teether (Pack of 2) + Cotton Bag

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Product Description

  • This all-natural uniquely crafted Neem Wood Baby Teether is the perfect teething remedy to provide teething relief to your little one as they prepare for their first Baby Teeth.
  • Made from high-quality Neem wood, this Wooden Teether Toy will ensure that the child gets the goodness of Anti-Bacterial properties of Neem.
  • The attractive product will captivate the little ones’ attention as they try to overcome the uneasiness of Teething Syndrome.
  • The perfect design ensures that the child can grip the Teething Toy easily and use it comfortably without much assistance from parents.
  • It is the Best Teething Toy, which doubles up as a pacifier and ensures safety against toxic plastic, silicone, and other Teething Toys widely available.
  • Gel-infused silicone and plastic Teething Toys can be highly dangerous for babies as the slightest puncture could lead to the child swallowing the gel and therefore, Neem Wood Teethers are 100% safe from any such mishaps.
  • As chewing on plastic products at such a little age is proven by researchers to cause definite hormonal imbalances in adult age, Neem Wood Baby Teethers are the perfect product to ensure that the baby is using a safe, non-toxic Teether.
  • With its Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties, this Neem Wooden Teether needs minimal maintenance.


1. Why Wood? Isn’t it too hard to chew?

We say why not wood? When the baby’s teeth are erupting, the hardness of the wood shifts the pressure off from their aching and sore gums. Other than that, Wood is naturally anti-bacterial! Bacteria generally do not live long and thrive on wood, which gives it an added advantage over Plastic Teethers – where bacteria tend to thrive.

2. How to clean my Wooden Teether?

Our teethers are actually very easy to maintain! Wash our teethers with baby bottle soap, rinse off with water and tap dry with a dry cloth, and leave it to air dry in an open space. Please note not to soak wooden teethers in water or sterilize them in hot water or even UV sterilizers as the wood may expand and cause it to swell and crack.

3. Does Wooden Teether have splinters?

Wufiy Wooden Teethers are made of Neem Wood, which has a higher density as compared to other woods. They are hence better suited as teething toys as they do not break easily.

4. Why do these teethers have no shine?

All our Wooden Teethers are 100% natural, non-toxic with no chemicals involved and unfinished. You may use any food-grade oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or flaxseed oil to finish your wooden teethers. It is recommended to finish the wooden teethers once a week.

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