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Wooden House Shape Sorter Activity Box | Permanence Box

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Product Description:

  • Help your little baby understand the concept of object Permanence with this well-crafted Wufiy Wooden House Shape Sorter Toy.
  • The concept of object permanence helps infants to overcome the anxiety of people or objects disappearing once they move away from their sight and thus helps them understand how the world around them functions.
  • This wooden Shape Puzzle Toy doubles up as a Permanence Box as the child sees the different shapes disappearing through holes and reappearing when retrieved by opening the side flap.
  • This Wooden House Shape Sorter Toy consists of a square wooden box in the shape of a house and 12 solid differently colored shapes that can be easily handled by infants.
  • This shape sorter box is a great Montessori toy that helps infants develop Manual Dexterity, Hand-Eye coordination, Learning Names of Different Shapes, and colours.
  • This Montessori wooden toy is ideal for infants 8 months and above.
  • Made with good quality wood this shape sorter toy is environmentally safe and is a better option over toxic plastic shape puzzle toys.
  • Having no sharp edges and painted with child-safe colors, it is completely safe for babies.
  • This wooden shape sorter is 100% Made In India.

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