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Wooden Cleaning Cart | Cleaning Set | Cleaning Trolley

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Product Description;

  • Charity begins at home and so does all the good habits J
  • Keeping our house and surrounding clean and most importantly sharing household responsibilities irrespective of gender. This cleaning set does it all!
  • A perfect pretend to play cleaning set that will answer your little kid's curiosity of how cleaning is done, how it feels to mop, what trash is, how to sort it etc etc.
  • It helps children identify different types of trash and put them in suitable bins, cultivating the habit of garbage sorting and thus protecting the environment.
  • Cleaning set help kids to develop motor skills, creativity, and imagination, Meanwhile, foster confidence and responsibility in a hands-on way.
  • Suitable for Age 2 years + 
  • Made of Wood, 100% Plastic Free
  • Size: 35cmX29cmX52cm